The Inner Workings of the Creative Process



So despite the fact that the semester is over, I’m going to continue and use this blog to write about interesting things that I find online in the field of photography.  For example, these cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck.  I wasn’t able to find a website for her, so I just linked to a page that posted some of her work.  These are so fantastic.  They really catch your eye because you don’t realize until you’re really looking at it that they move.


Animated Images

Night Photography

Artist Statement and Resume

Artist Statement for website:
I really want to further myself as a photographer.  I’m most interested in landscape and nature photography, but am also striving to better myself in portrait photography.  My passion is to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.


High School Degree
North Lamar High School, May 2009

Bachelor of Journalism, News Editorial
Texas A&M University – Commerce, May 2013

June 2010 – Present. Media Designer, Instructional Technology and Distance Education, Texas A&M University – Commerce
As a Media Designer in the ITDE Multimedia Lab, I design advertisements using Adobe Flash, DVD covers, book covers, and logos.

January 2011 – Present.  Graphics Editor, The East Texan.
As a Graphics Editor,  I take photos at events, edit the photos for print, edit video, and write articles for the newspaper.

May 2010 – Present.  Photographer/Owner, Jessica Mae Photography.
Currently attempting to run my own photography business.  Portrait photographer, Wedding photographer and selling prints of pictures I’ve taken.

Website Designs

For our IDM 111 course, we were instructed to create four homepages for our website that we would be turning at the final.  So without further ado, I shall be posting them here as I finish them!

Street Art

So I was sitting at work today, and things were a bit slow, so as usual, I hopped on Stumbleupon to see what sort of things I could find.  And as I was ‘stumbling,’ I came across this.

And the more I looked through it, the more I fell in love with street art.

And that’s exactly what it is – art.  Graffiti can be art.  But it can also be vandalism.  But honestly…why would you paint over these? They’re so much more beautiful than just a normal brick wall.  I could understand if it was someone with the intention of vandalizing and just writing nonsense in paint.  But these aren’t just vandalism.  They’re truly spectacular art and I would love to have stuff like this in my city.

Lee Price

As I was thumbing the internet for new art, I came across this interesting piece.

While I already thought it was a really interesting piece, the piece’s amazing-ness (is that a word?  I don’t think so, but oh well) increased by about 400,000% when the website told me that this is a painting.

That’s right, it’s the work of painter Lee Price.  It amazes me how realistic her pieces look, from the hair to the shading to the skintone, everything seems so terrificly spot on.  I was absolutely amazed.

Interesting Light Painting

So this isn’t exactly an article, but it’s a super awesome light painting series that I found entitled 12:31.

They created this haunting light images using only a computer screen:

Pretty creative, huh?  It amazes me the things people come up with this days, they’re so cool!

Light Painting

Light painting was something I always thought was so incredibly cool.  So when Vaughn told us we would be doing it, I got pretty excited.  Here are a couple of my first attempts at light painting.


My first attempts at HDR:

This photo was taken by accident on a recent trip to Fort Worth.  As we were driving into downtown, I was trying to capture a photo of the skyscrapers from the windshield of the car.  As I did, my friend decided to clean her windshield, giving me this accidentally awesome photo. :)

This was taken during a tour of Cowboy Stadium this past week.  It’s actually a panoramic of the artwork that I then turned into an HDR.